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About us

Automatic handling systems for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing, weighing of bulk materials, ingredients, flavours, additives, pigments, minor components and liquids including process-IT for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics

Products and services

Product intake systems (pickup hopper, lump breaker) Dosing systems (dosing screw, AZODOS®) Silo anddischarge systems (outdoor/indoor silo, vibration bottom) Conveying systems (vacuum, pressure, densephase) Vacuum weighing systems (single-pipe, multipipe, central weighing) Big bag discharge systems Big bag filling systems Screening systems (cyclone-, liquid-, inline-, pre-screening) Containment (BATCHTAINER®; DOSITAINER®) Minor ingredient automation (COMPONENTER®, DOSITAINER®)
Process IT.

Supply of additives using ManDos: secure, operator-guided and fully documented

Supply of additives using ManDos: secure, operator-guided and fully documented

Using the ManDos manual weighing station, mixing vessels can be filled with previously weighed quantities. The controls do guide the machine operator reliably through the weighing process. It is possible to add entire bags, but also to weigh micro quantities using platform scales and then add them to the mixing vessel. Errors in production are avoided as the computer prompts operators through the weighing process. Production is documented simultaneously, enabling batch tracing.

Vacuum conveying systems for feeding the dosing systems

Vacuum conveying systems for feeding the dosing systems

With vacuum feeding systems, personnel costs can be reduced and production buildings designed at lower cost. In addition, one product input station can be used to supply several compounding lines at the same time. Depending on throughput, pneumatic conveying systems can be operated as a collective feeding system with the help of several separators and a pump. All separators from AZO are equipped with self-cleaning filters. They can also be provided with highly efficient delivery and dosing units

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

AZO quality not only means world-class machinery and production plants. When it comes to customer service as well, you can always rely on AZO, whether it involves commissioning and assembly, maintenance and inspection or supply of spare parts. AZO has a service team of highly qualified employees to assist you with any issues and answer any queries competently. Our ethos is to ensure that your AZO system operates safely and efficiently, ensuring a maximum throughputs and minimum downtimes.

News & Innovations

Modular big bag discharge station – cost-effective and versatile 

AZO big bag discharge stations make it possible to discharge big bags without generating excess dust and to feed products reliably into the closed production plant. To improve efficiency and reduce costs even further, AZO has developed a modular concept for a big bag discharge station. The required components such as frame, support beams, chain hoist, discharging aids, big bag docking system, buffer bin and discharging unit can be chosen from a “construction set”, depending on the requirements. The entire discharge station can be configured to suit needs without outlay for design, which has a very positive effect on the price and delivery time. They are comparable with equipment from series production, however the modular station covers a much broader range of uses than a standard model, which makes it very flexible. Modular technology makes it possible to adapt the stations in use to changing production conditions with minimum outlay.


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