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The HAAR Group is a global organization consisting of two different divisions with own subsidiaries in 15-countries. The machine division Sales and Service is organized in three time zones. The head-quarters in Hamburg, Germany, takes care of Europe-Africa + Near- and Middle East. The Singapore office covers India and Australasia. AH Inc, the Tool and Die Center in Ohio, USA, takes care of North and South America.

We offer a wide range of sheet feed presses for all kinds of metal packaging requirements from 1-out to multi-out tooling. Based on this program we offer complete lines for 2pc cans, closures (TWIST-OFF, PRESS-ON-TWIST, PILFER PROOF), sanitary- and EZO-ends and general line.

MAIN TOPIC of the presentation in 2019 at the UPAKOVKA exhibition - replacement of harmful chemical components like BADGE, BPA and PVC with neutral polymers.

Products and services

Company ALFONS HAAR is well known as a leading world-wide supplier of turn-key and tailor made solutions for can making machines and full automatic lines. Our high quality and proven reliability of design, machines and services are the companies core references and assures every customer a continuous and high-efficient use and a value for money situation of the installed full automatic pro-duction lines. Hundreds of installed machines and lines for the manufacturing of nearly all sizes and types of: - "twist off" caps, PT51- caps for baby food, PP-caps - drawn cans - rings, plugs and bottoms for chemical products - sanitary ends - easy open ends - aerosol doms and bottoms, demonstrates day by day our leading position. Permanent in-house development combines a continuous high level of technical innovation with low life cycle costs. The most important new achievements are the using of PVC-free polymers for baby's food manufacturing with using of caps PT51 and by «Twist Off» caps.

DRAWN CANS from laminated steel with vertical wall beads

Drawn cans made from laminated steel with diameter and height 73x113 mm with vertical wall beads.

Historical rule about the canonical ratio of the stretching ratio of 2ps drawn cans as 1:1 (the ratio of the diameter to the height of the can) have been destroyed by practice. At the same time chemically neutral laminate prevents the migration of chemical elements into food.

PT 51, Twist Off and PP-closures with PVC-free material

PVC-Free seals in all kinds of caps and closures.
As replacement is TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomere) which requires a revolution in application technology.


EZO technology combining high speed and flexibility by quick change toolings and modules.

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News & Innovations

Using of PVC-free materials in packaging
Title of our 2019 presentation for UPAKOVKA is stop of transition of chemicals such an BADGE, BPA and PVC plasticizers in food products.

Material saving by reducing the thickness of the tinplate.

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