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Palletless shipping unit

Möllers, as a pioneer, already impressed in 1973 with the visionary idea and a prototype to replace the load carrying transport pallet with the packaged goods itself! Thanks to maximum transport stability and water resistance, the palletless pack can be stored anywhere - the perfect transport unit!

Cost- and environmentally friendly

With minimal material usage, the film itself forms the load carrier - this saves both cost and weight. The counter hood stretch pack proves its numerous advantages in countless systems worldwide and is superior to conventional pallet loads: robust against environmental influences or theft, optimally transportable and storable, cost-effective and energy-saving.

Transshipment optimised

Möllers Group further developed the pallet-free 2-way unit to create the 4-way unit. The new 4-way palletless unit allows pick-up by forklift truck from all sides during transshipment, thus optimizing the combined transport of sea, rail and truck freight in global freight transport.


Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik Möllers GmbH